It’s a technical thing, but the point is important

In Ohio. Second week of camp. Hot. Tired.

My daughter, Lindsay, who is throwing next to me says “why didn’t you teach us this stuff?”

Well, honey, I have been trying to figure it out since I first picked up the discus in 1971. I could see the problem. I could name the problem. I could fix the problem sometimes. I had this piece of information and that piece.

Then, I saw someone doing it wrong and started walking around and thinking about it. It’s the “3A to 3B” transition and the more I worked on it these past few days, the clearer the “issue” came to me. I saw answers here and answers there, but finally it all rallied forth and came to me.

I can coach big throwers again. The fix works and it is stunningly simple. Don’t worry about what it is but focus on the years it took me to address it. Maybe I can change a few kids lives with this simple little thing in the discus. It’s so simple.

And, that’s the point of this blog from a tired man after a long day: it’s the road, not the inn. It’s been a joy working this hard to figure out something this relatively unimportant, but important to me and my throwers.

If someone would have handed it to me as a kid, I would have shrugged and worked on my biceps.

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