My little notebook…

As “EVERYthing” piled up on me the last two months, I started keeping a small leather notebook with me where I dump notes, addresses, to do lists, and writing ideas.

As you may know, I am writing something (Book Three) and the more I just let this notebook hold my random jottings, the clearer the writing is becoming for me. Dan Martin, for example, had a great insight that plugs right into the goals chapter.

One small thing I discussed with Tiff on the balcony tonight was my “Moo.” Every time I make money, I call Tiff and say “Moo,” because I am a cash cow. I also celebrate when I hear someone else do well in life, sport or whatever. I think it reminds me, at a simple level, that the work and effort were worth the work and effort.

I love having a few minutes to myself!

Only a few days away

Only a few days away

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