I’m Officially a Lousy Driver

I got my California license and now I can ignore any kindness or decency when behind the wheel!

Another fantastic session with the gang at Coyote Point. I’m not sure people realize how much can be accomplished when everybody just wants to learn a little bit more. As I continue to throw one or two times a day and train hard, I’m starting to pick up some better technique and a little bit of muscle. I also feel better.

I have my little tricks in training and I share them freely with anybody in ear shot. Today, we called Mark Twight from the field and he helped me understand endurance nutrition a lot more. Like I told him: anything after 1.6 seconds for me is endurance work. That’s the beauty of this community of friends: we all share the passion to improve and most of us don’t care who(m) gets the credit.

I’m just loving it. Love it. Keep an eye on things because for the next few months I am going to be announcing a lot of cool things.

Big writing day tomorrow…two books on the horizon.

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