Wednesday Mornings with Dan

Every week, a group of us meets at Coyote Point (and, yes, you are invited, but, more important, why aren’t you there?) and we move together. I had to call it “working out” because working what out? I thinking “training” is a better term, but we do a lot of mobility with kettlebells, some hard work, some learning, and a lot of unlearning.

Dan Martin is the go to guy on this. He arranges things and brings sandwiches. My biggest issue leaving Utah was losing the great community. Let’s be honest: having a guy like Mark Twight bring Lisa and the groups that they bring to my backyard is a pretty amazing resource. Also, I had a community build up that is hard to match.

So, I pick up and leave. Today, both daughters joined us to train. Kelly is an RKC (we also had Patrick, another RKC (RKC II actually) and Kevin. Lindsay was there, too. So, it was like Utah. I hope that my daughters live a life filled with such simple moments like this: under the sun, learning things, sweating a little, stretching and strengthening. It is, to quote Mike Rosenberg, “a beautiful thing.”

It is eye opening for me, as well. The more Thoracic Mobility work I do, the more my neck feels loose. Maybe I can get over all those hits from high school football some day! The more I stretch my hips out, the more I need to stretch my hips in. I know what the piriformus muscle is finally (the spell checker is telling me I misspelled the muscle, but, tough).

I continue to get up every morning and throw. Every day, I do something in the great weightroom called my “porch.” I train. I learn.

But, once a week, it is magic. And, that is what keeps us going, folks.

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