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Dan John Interview!

RR: Hi Dan, you are one of the most interesting people I have ever read up on. You’ve been a teacher and coach, strength coach, track and field coach, on-line religious instructor, and contributor to Men’s Health,, and How did you get involved with all this?!

DJ: And that is why I wrote “Never Let Go.” The answer takes a couple of hundred pages! Basically, I started a “self-help” program at age nine or ten and I have been following it for four plus decades! Actually, in the circles I travel, I am not unusual. I have friends who coach wrestling and can quote most of Shakespeare. Once you get around quality people, it is easy to keep expanding yourself.

RR: As a coach, teacher, and athlete yourself for so long, what role do you think a fitness/strength coach can have in helping someone achieving their goals?

DJ: Now, that’s my new book with Pavel! A good coach doesn’t add to your program or work, a good coach strips “stuff” away. You need a laser beam focus on your goals and all the other nonsense is what is killing you. If you can work out in your Halloween gear and pose for a dozen photos, you may not be as focused as you like to think you are.
It is in the cutting away that you find real success. Eliminate the excess and focus on the keys. You can always BS yourself with extra leg adductions on the machine, but it isn’t going to get you closer to your goals.

RR: Nutrition for Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, and Health; Your thoughts? Do people overthink this sometimes?

From my upcoming book on Lean Body Mass:Honestly, seriously, you don’t know what to do about food? Here is an idea: eat like an adult. Stop eating fast food, stop eating kid’s cereal, knock it off with all the sweets and comfort foods whenever your favorite show is not on when you want it on, ease up on the snacking and, don’t act like you don’t know this, eat vegetables and fruits more. Really, how difficult is this? Stop with the whining. Stop with the excuses. Act like an adult and stop eating like a television commercial. Grow up.
There is more, of course, but if I could get most guys to just start eating food, drinking water and sleeping more, I would be a much better coach.

RR: Conditioning is always debated everywhere you look, I’ve almost completely stopped reading internet sites that have this kind of argument, but it’s there. Haha. What are your thoughts on conditioning for Health, Weight Loss, and even during a phase of Hypertrophy?

DJ: There are so many definitions, it is not even possible to discuss this without some agreement…some foundations. For me, it all depends on what you want. I don’t think a 100 meter runner needs ANY conditioning. Nor does an elite thrower, for example. Fat loss? That’s a food journal, corrective work and something like swings. Do 10,000 swings a day for a month and don’t have a single cheat meal and get back to me on fat loss. (Don’t do it, just making a point)

I also loathe “conditioned for anything” which is just stupid.

RR: When training clients I often tell them to take a picture of all the people in their gym(typical gyms:24Hour, Bally’s etc), and in a year look at that picture, the only thing that changes are haircuts and clothes. Why do you think so many people fail to reach their fitness goals?

DJ: See the above! If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there. If you don’t plan or focus, nothing changes.

RR: What are your thoughts on supplements? Which ones are worthwhile the investment?

DJ: First are the “Big Two:” Fish Oil and Probiotics. I really think these make a difference. After that, yup, it depends on your goals. Most people just shot gun stuff and never really think it through. I am coming out with a book that simply asks you to try a new “trick” each week and see how you respond. That is the key: focus on a goal and just play with one trick at a time.

RR: Lastly, I just want to thank you so much for doing this interview with me! Really an honor for me. Everyone can check out Dan at!

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