I’m not sure how you will get this, but it is good.

It’s funny: this week, I am sifting through some of the best things I have seen in my career. The last blog post, I summed Josh Hillis’s System Six and freely admitted I had no idea how you will get it. After my review, I decided that one of the things Josh does really well is sum things. That’s right and it is that simple: he looks at things, pulls out the gems, and assembles them so that the steps to success are so simple (not easy, necessarily) to follow, you have the courage to leap in and try it.

So, over at Park Road Fitness the other day, I was training with my Personal Trainer, Buddy Walker, and Nathan Flores tossed me a copy of his new DVD, “KettleBell Foundations.” Two things: yes, I have a trainer. The worst person I work with on a regular basis is me: I don’t work my weaknesses and I refuse to follow my good advice. So, if you are an “expert,” my first question would be: “who trains YOU?” The other thing is that the picture of the guy on the cover of the DVD looks so badass, not the kind and gentle Nate that I know. But, Buddy was cracking the whip and I was back to training.

I get a LOT of stuff every week to review. What people don’t notice is that I often don’t review things online. Sometimes, and I will be honest, it is personal. Maybe something in the DVD or book “bugs” me and that can be all over the place. If the person is nude, for example, I struggle with recommending it or there is a wide range of things that bother me. If you ever hear me rant on a topic, it might be one of them. So, Nate’s DVD is in that small group of “worthy” products.

Basically, Nathan is giving you an HKC workshop with the Get Up, the Swing, Goblet Squats and Mobility Drills. I would recommend this for someone interested in the HKC or RKC as it is going to give you the most recent materials from our work. His technique is outstanding, but I really like the way he breaks down the elements of each move. You know, on “paper,” the HKC moves are simple, but the mastery of these movements is a lifelong task. Nathan has a very disciplined technique and you would be wise to model the small safety cues that Nathan shows us.

Nathan is charging twenty dollars for this and he told me he made it so his clients could review the concepts at home. I think his audience is bigger than this, so I will be encouraging him to expand this base. It really is a perfect companion to Josh’s System Six, by the way.

Nathan’s website is here and I don’t know if you can get it. But, I’m happy to see quality work in this field and I support it when I can.

Addition: please don’t email me! Contact Nathan at [email protected]

I’m glad you like my advice, but I barely can keep up with the normal volume…

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