Bird Dogs, Can Openers and Frogs!

In case you miss the point, and it can happen, here is a picture of Dan Martin, my good friend doing the Bird Dog “wrong.”
By the way, there is no “right or wrong,” but for my purposes, I teach it this way:Dan is flipping off the Camera
In the second picture, Dan is doing it right. He gets an excellent Hinge position in his hips here, that’s what we want.
Good Dog

For more information about why I think Bird Dogs are so important, buy this: My New Book: Mass Made Simple

You can also get some excellent ideas from this book about combining flexibility with strength moves: Return of the Kettlebell

If you like these low tech explanations, let me know. I don’t mind doing these, but please don’t ask for “better quality.” I am doing what I can with my limited IQ.

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