Delightful Conversation with Dick Notmeyer

I love the man. He took me from a 162 pound high school grad to 202 pounds of thrower in four months. He insisted on the basics and nothing fancy.

So, we keep in touch. Laree Draper, all around hero and good person, sent him my new DVD, “Intervention.” I’m not sure Dick will watch it or not, but he loved “Never Let Go.” He called one time and said: “Hey, I want to talk to you about some of the stuff, but, well, I can’t remember! But, I loved reading the book.”

The reason he struggles with memory is that he is 80 years old. Eighty. So…let’s go back to our phone call.

Me: “Dick, how is your training?”

Dick: “Well, pretty good, I am lifting five days a week and bicycling three. I had to cut back on the cycling because I just wasn’t recovering as well. Age. You can’t NOT get older, but you can fight it all the way.”

Dick’s lifting?
“I squat, press, work my arms a little, and do lots of sit ups. Lots of sit ups.”

Let’s review: Dick is 80 and squatting regularly. Why aren’t you?

He went on to warn me that “recovery” is the key as you age. You have to train, but keep an eye on it.

And don’t stop.

As a bonus, here is my famous Glossary of Dick Notmeyerisms:

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