Getting Ready to Go Again

June was a “month!” We had guests, I went to Ohio for discus camp, and I had more fun than legal in most states. In the last few months of this blog, I have been sharing a lot of my insights about my method I call “Intervention.” Again, it might not make sense with a piece here and a piece there, but there is still a wealth of good information on these blog posts.

I am off to St. Paul, then Chicago, then New York, then Utah, and then I get to come back to the City by the Bay. I am starting another long stretch of road trips, but I have to admit I like it. I’m reviewing a lot of work now and I am also very excited about learning even more this year.

Life is good. I sure appreciate the work Laree Draper has put into my new DVD. Check out these two freebies:


Doing my best to keep training lately…lots of hypertrophy, yoga, fasting and Kettlebells!

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