Nice Review of “Intervention.”

As the reviews come in, I am more convinced that we did this right. My, old friend, Troy, sent this one in:

Today I have a quick review of outstanding strength and conditioning Dan John’s latest dvd projected titled: Intervention

Here are some of the major points that really stood out to me:

1. The 3 disc package in 1 case is super cool and included on the DVD are PDF notes as well as, audio files from the presentation, Laree Draper went beyond herself on this one.

2. The H.A.T could be the most valuable tool anyone who works with clients/athletes, using kettlebells can have. I have already used it and it works like a charm

3. The meat of the videos walk the budding coach or fitness professional down of funnel of progression, programs, and how to’s, capped by audience case study participation is great.

4. Dan is the master of create, simple, hard and VALUABLE training programs and he does it again in this DVD with kettlebell workouts like the “Eagle”

5. Last but not least the “Quadrants” allow the fitness professional a systematic and accurate way to determine who their client is, what they want, and what the coach so focus on to get them there.

Watch the Video for more details

Troy M Anderson
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Thanks, Troy!

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