My 1996 Discus Clinic Notes

Wow, memory lane! I found these and what makes me happy is this workshop, the California State Track and Field Workshop (you can see it in some of the sheets) was NOT well received by the audience. Now, I got “letters” later that were very impressed, but the coaches thought I was full of it. Then, about a month after this, Paul Northway threw 214′ 9″ using this exact concept.

It’s from 1996. The computer I used to type this used floppy discs, so I can’t find anything to pop them open! So, I took pictures of them. I’m still happy that many long years later, nearly everything I wrote here stands up. I also include our “Winter” workouts of January. The memories are wonderful of this time. My daughters used to come over from Our Lady of Lourdes and watch me throw there at Judge Memorial…the little parking area was their recess area.

I am still happy this holds up.

My free book, The Contrarian Approach to the Discus Throw, was based, in part, by this workshop in 1996. Click the “Discus” Link for it.

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