Intervention “Happy Helper” Chapters Three through Six

I’ve enjoyed doing this, to be honest. I tend to assume the reader has the confidence to read what I write, think about it, apply it, tweak it a bit, and then return to me a new and more beautiful way of approaching fitness and health. These little blog posts are simply made to help you on your search. Learning is a lifetime journey.

Are you too cheap to buy Alice in Wonderland? Like Jurassic Park, I find Alice to be a great resource for making me think in a clearer way.
Find Alice, for free, here.
100 Rep Challenge
Coach SteveO, I hope, is dripping in popularity since Intervention came out. He is a good friend and you can find him here. Also, he is available as an online coach.

I mangled the quote from Steven Wright. Here you go:
You can’t have everything. Where would you put it?

Brett Jones is one of my true mentors and a good friend. Seek him out here.

The Milo and his calf story can be found in dozens of places on line. This is my favorite.648_66391684244_785904244_2226534_1925742_n

Flossing your teeth: yes, I talk about it too much. But, it is amazing. Read more here.

Although Robb Wolf never returns my calls, I am a big fan. So, here you go…send him lots of emails for me.

Prepping for the book, I contacted Sister Maria Assumpta’s Order. Someone actually remembered me, then I had to claim it wasn’t me who did “that” back in the 1960s. Here you go for more information.

If you like my rules for health, I am just a fellow traveler. For a REALLY big look into this, read Nassim Taleb’s new book:
Don’t forget to read mine, too.

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