Intervention Helper: Chapters 12-16

One quick thing, you can find all the “Helpers” at this nice little extra page made by Laree.

Frankly, this was a tough one. I had no idea which way to go on the exercise videos, so I decided…for now…not to suggest any. The problem with linking to Youtube is all the inappropriate comments, first and foremost, and the fact that the videos migrant like Canadian Geese used to do. I get the whole “Freedom of Speech” thing, but so many people forget the responsibility that it carries with it.

I can’t ask you enough to check out the FMS material here. The exercise material alone is worthy of your time. Great stuff. Gray Cook and Brett Jones’s “best material” can be found here in the easiest way to access it. Both of their work is all over the web, but come here first for their most recent work. You can also hear and read Gray’s work at the Dave Draper site.

I recommend that you master the Active Straight Leg Raise and Shoulder Mobility assessments and you will find all you need to know, at the basic level, at the home site of the FMS.

When I first got involved in Kettlebells, no one was more welcoming than Doctor Mark Cheng. He continues to be a help and inspiration in everything I do.

Mike Boyle is a good friend of mine and allowed me to work through some of my early versions of “Intervention” with his staff. I think this is the best place to find him on the web.

“Dynami” the great book from Jones and Cook is also a DVD series. I think this is the best link for it, but who knows?

I couldn’t find much on Frank Shamrock and his “tumbling” ideas, even though I used them all. It is in this book. I don’t have an Amazon affiliate link, so I get zip in this recommendation (which is always true, but other bloggers always state this).

I can read Jim Wendler all day long. His T-nation articles are awesome and his website is very easy to find information.

Scroll down this page to see Ethan Reeves’s great insights on lifting. A good friend and a very decent man, Ethan makes us all better.

I sure enjoyed the old Universal Gym. This little entry gives you the history.

I add this little piece on the Rhomboid because I think it is so very important to success.

For “all things Janda,” this resource is amazing. The phasic and tonic description is much more detailed, more nuanced and more intelligent than my explanation…

Everyone knows how much I like Josh Hillis’s work. Here is his site, again.

Mark Twight (and his wife, Lisa) are good friends. I love his insights about training. I think we work well together as his adventures and my experience make an interesting “Yin-Yang” discussion. Here is his site and it is pretty famous.


The picture is of me and “Judy,” my loveable field pack with 150 pounds of rock salt. That is what I mean by a “Carry.”

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