Our Little Intervention Helper for Chapters 7-9

I’ve enjoyed this for two reasons, I think. First, I look at the book again. It’s something I don’t often do. Second, it allows me to look at the material with “new eyes,” I am looking for what others might simply miss.

The Red, Yellow and Green Light material, a standard way of explaining things in much of the military now, comes from a talk by Navy Captain Paul Hammer. His information is here.

Parkinson’s Law is a book we had on our shelves when I was growing up. Still a delightful read…and all TRUE. When I taught at Judge Memorial, I thought it was the way our administration was planning things. You can read a nice selection here.

The stress of that week I describe was worth it. This picture is of me and Lindsay after she won the state in the shot.29532_1380608766493_1570155595_30888264_7748605_n

For more information about my old boss, Archbishop Niederauer, you can read more here. He remains the most well read man I have ever met.

I would recommend two articles to better understand the football section. This first one, here, is an amazing overview of modern football and, more important, how to implement anything.400px-The_University_of_Texas_college_football_team_in_the_I_formation
I loved the Run and Shoot Offense. Loved it. More here. The Picture is of the “I” Formation…see if you can figure why it is called that…

Coach John Wooden is a legend. I learned a lot from just reading his insights. Find some here.
Coach Bill Walsh is a hero. His “coaching tree” is very impressive and impacts the NFL and college today.Walsh_Coaching_Tree

I expanded on many of these points in these chapters in this blog post, one of my favorites to write…

Brian Oldfield remains a good friend of mine. His blog offers insights into all kinds of ideas to chew on. Find it here.

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