The Three “Longevity” Tests

I’m up here in Vancouver and I am really enjoying a two day workshop. Rick is giving me two full days to present my Intervention materials and we are going through a bunch of stuff that will be in my next book which I am calling “Reasonableness” as a working title.

So, the issue of my assessments has been mentioned. No surprise, but I focus on the Basic Human Movements. But, the thing is this: I believe that “The best corrections are regressions.” So, if you can’t do Snatches and Clean and Jerks, try swings. Can’t do swings? Try Goat Bag Swings. Can’t do that? How about “RDLs on the wall.” Can’t do that? Pelvic Tilts. This is where I regress to first and then try to build back up the ladder, so to speak.

But, there are also three (maybe four) little assessments to get us right to “where you are” and they take about five minutes, if you go slow.

The first test is “Height to Waist” ration. See more about the “why” of this here on this link. I keep a tape measure in my traveling kit, but I forgot to bring it today. Sorry.

The next simple test is discussed here.
The test can be seen here .
I overstated the numbers today, but that happens when I am excited.

The third is the Plank. I know that Stu McGill tells us we need to be able to hold a two minuter plank or we have issues. I couldn’t fine that quickly on line, but I liked this little thing from Tony here.

So, one measurement, one “up and down,” and a two minute plank can give you a pretty good view of things in less than five minutes. A fourth assessment, standing on one foot, is good and I am a good test case: with my hip issues, I couldn’t pass the test on my good leg. So, stand on one foot: if you can, for ten to twenty seconds, you are fine. Beyond twenty is a circus trick, but less than ten is an issue. For me, it was a necrotic hip. Whatever it is, it is beyond my pay grade to guess why.

There four (five if you count left and right leg) tests and five minutes gone in your day, but a window open into how you are doing overall.

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