For my British and Irish friends at the table at NPE

This is the idea I was talking about for the 15/35 program mentioned in the last blog. These are just six examples of doing the fundamental human movements mixed with correctives, mobility and flexibility. Again, don’t worry about the names. On the 15/ 35, you would do 15 Swings, then One, 35 Swings, then Two, 15 Swings, then Three…

Each Group, I think, gets you 250 Swings. If you want to go heavier, try the 10/15. So, this is how you get “some” strength work in paired with other quality work. There is no true rest period really, just glide back and forth. Feel free to make up your own.

Group A

1.Push Ups

2.Windmill Stick Right

3.TRX T Pull

4.Windmill Stick Left

5.Trap Bar DL

6.Stoney Stretch Right Knee Down (RKD)

7.Goblet Squat

8.Stoney Stretch Left Knee Down (LKD)

9.Rolling 45s

10. “Pump”  Downward Dog/Cobra


Group B

1.One Arm Press Right Arm

2.TRX Long Stretch Right

3.One Arm Press Left Arm

4.TRX Long Stretch Left

5.TRX Y Pull

6.Hip Flexor Stretch (RKD)

7.Goblet Squat

8.Hip Flexor Stretch (LKD)

9.Rolling 45 Ts

10. March in Place



Group C

1.Military Press with Barbell

2.TRX Cossack Stretch (Right Leg Squat: RLS)

3.TRX Double Row

4.TRX Cossack Stretch) (Left Leg Squat: LLS)

5.Flying Bird Dog (Right Foot Down: RFD)

6.Six Point Rock

7.Flying Bird Dog (Left Foot Down: LFD)

8.Six Point Neck Nod

9.Double KB Front Squat

10. Deep TRX Squat Hang


Group D

1.Double KB Press

2.Six Point Zenith Right

3.Right Hand TRX Single Arm Row

4.Six Point Zenith Left

5.Left Hand TRX Single Arm Row

6.Wrist Vents

7.Barbell Front Squat

8.Reverse Wrist Vents

9.Bulgarian Goat Bag Swing

10. Basic Foot Vent



Group E

1.TRX Push Up

2.TRX  Right Single Arm Rainbow

3.TRX Push Up

4.TRX Left Single Arm Rainbow

5.RDL with Kettlebell

6.Six Point Rock

7.Goblet Squat

8.Thick Bar Pull Ups

9.Dead Bugs

10. Ring Pull Ups


Group F

1.French Press


3.TRX Triceps Extension

4.TRX Biceps Curl

5.Mini-Band Walk Right

6.Mini-Band Walk Left

7.Hip Rip Right

8.Hip Rip Left

9.Get Up (Right Hand Loaded)

10. Get Up (Left Hand Loaded)

It's ElementaryKelly had better get this right!Oh, and Kelly was on “Million Second Quiz.” She got this one right…or else!

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