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My brother-in-law, Craig Hemingway, was talking to my daughter, Kelly. Now, Craig often gives demonstrations to kids about ambulances and EMT work, so he has an interesting insight that opened my eyes about my time as a coach, workshop presenter and internet answering machine.

It seems that Craig (and Kelly said this is also true with her First Grade class that she teaches) must always begin the Q and A section with a short explanation about the difference between a QUESTION and a STORY. I wish I would have done this a long time ago in my career.

Recently, my morning group took on the task of doing 10,000 swings. T-Nation wanted an intelligent and reasonable way to do this task. So, after waaaaaaaaay too much work, effort and thinking, we came up with this simple way to do it:
10 Swings
1 rep in a basic strength move
15 Swings
2 reps in a basic strength move
25 Swings
3 reps in a basic strength move
50 Swings.
Rest longer here, but rest as you need as you go.
Repeat four more times for a total of five times

The strength moves should really just be press, dip, pull up and squat (variations).

You can read the full article here.

Chris Shugart over at t-nation told me…and I am pretty sure this is right…that there are 80,000 conversations about this article on forums, tweets and Facebook. That’s a lot of talking.

And, of course, many people are asking me questions. No…wait, many people are telling me stories. I often joke that most people walk into the Sistine Chapel, look up and see Michelangelo. Then, they yell up: “More blue!”

II have received “more blue” from dozens of people since this came out on the net. “Why don’t you use a heavier bell? I did ten swings this morning with a heavy bell and it was easy!” Story. Waiting for a question. The answer, of course, is that we are asking for 10,000 swings here, not ten.
Day one of doing 500 swings a day is easy. So is Day Two, for the record.

Day Nineteen? Let me tell you my story: I was bored to death. I looked better and felt much better, but I was bored. After a few months of thought, travel around the world and excessive fun, I am attempting it again. This time, though, I am doing Shugart’s adapted V Diet protocol that lead to far too many questions (stories). It is also the program that was in the Eades’s great book, “The Six Week Cure to the Middle Aged Belly.”

I love the two authors, especially their earlier version of Protein Power Life Span book, that included the whole Paleo lifestyle information. Then, they got involved in this slow muscle training (the exact opposite of their argument) and it still doesn’t compute in my mind. Their advice, by the way, includes giving blood, getting outside and playing, and basically living like a kid.

Basically, it involves having three protein shakes a day and one meal. I like this kind of thing. My coffee has a serving of vanilla protein and I drink three of these. Then, I train. In the afternoon, I have two more drinks then finally eat. My goal is at least five veggies at this meal and I am experimenting heavily. Last night, I had a steak, mashed cauliflower, broccoli pancakes, sweet potato, and a mixed salad. That’s a lot of food.

I thrived under the basic V Diet. I broke the state record in the snatch the weekend after I finished it, then had four of the best years of my athletic career…in terms of wins, championships and distances. My abs looked good, too.V Diet Abs

For workouts, we are meeting five days a week and getting the 500 swings each day. I am using the 24 now, but that could change. I like the 24 as it gets me going without my grip fading. We came up with six “Groups” of ten movements with 35 and 15 Swings. Each group attempts to have every basic human movement (push, pull, hinge, squat, carry (well, not so much) and Sixth move, ground work. We also include basic correctives in each group, too. If you do one, it is 250 swings, two…500. If you do all six with the 106 kb Kettlebell, you are “pretty good.”

Here are two examples:
Group A
1. 35 Swings
2. Push Ups
3. 15 Swings
4. Windmill Stick Right
5. 35 Swings
6. TRX T Pull
7. 15 Swings
8. Windmill Stick Left
9. 35 Swings
10. Trap Bar DL
11. 15 Swings
12. Stoney Stretch Right Knee Down (RKD)
13. 35 Swings
14. Goblet Squat
15. 15 Swings
16. Stoney Stretch Left Knee Down (LKD)
17. 35 Swings
18. Rolling 45s
19. 15 Swings
20. “Pump” Downward Dog/Cobra

Group B
1. 35 Swings
2. One Arm Press Right Arm
3. 15 Swings
4. TRX Long Stretch Right
5. 35 Swings
6. One Arm Press Left Arm
7. 15 Swings
8. TRX Long Stretch Left
9. 35 Swings
10. TRX Y Pull
11. 15 Swings
12. Hip Flexor Stretch (RKD)
13. 35 Swings
14. Goblet Squat
15. 15 Swings
16. Hip Flexor Stretch (LKD)
17. 35 Swings
18. Rolling 45 Ts
19. 15 Swings
20. March in Place

If you want to know every movement, arrange for one of us to come and do a workshop as they are very simple but difficult to explain on a blog post. Here is the whole thing, all six groups, on a PDF.
500 Supp Groups
Don’t tell me I don’t do enough for you!

Supplements, for me, are going to be simple, the same as usual, really:
Before Bed
Vitamin D
Alpha Male
Fish Oil
I’m not sure about ZMA or Z-12 yet. I am still oddly jet lagged from Europe. Sweden and England were amazing. I knew I was going to do this so I just had a great time and enjoyed food and beverages and hours of walking every day.

The eating program is 28 days and I will train 20 days of it. It’s a short term experiment, but I think it has great value. The two books I mentioned:

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