A New Article at MH and a Research Piece worth a read.

First, readers of this blog would recognize a lot of this new article. Here on the blog, I discussed these tests in detail earlier. I am doing a series with MH and I am really enjoying it. I get tired of those “Seven Ways to Blast Ab Fat” and all the rest and I am glad they are allowing me to discuss the important things in fitness, health and longevity.

I’m also very pleased to share this study from Eric Tiarks. The workout is based on Even Easier Strength, but Eric added some help for those who can’t simply handle training “Jazz” style and letting the day dictate the load.

The subjects all found the results impressive, but most noted it was “boring” and “too easy.” There! I got you!

In a nutshell, this is the issue with most trainers and athletes. Success is based on mastery of the sport, getting stronger and showing up. Systems that fail seem to need to have candy, everyone feel good about themselves and no one getting bored. True success is understanding that the basics are the key to everything. And, yes, you will be bored.

So, STOP trying to be entertained in every single thing you do. Sure, have fun and play, but realize that to get stronger, you simply need to lift weights. That’s it. Don’t look behind the curtain, because nothing is there.

Great stuff here. It is probably a better way to teach the program, but some of us will still prefer the freestyle approach.

Overall, Eric really opens up the conversation on not only getting stronger, but on goal achievement.

Eric’s Paper:


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