Thinking about the process today

I had a marvelous phone conversation with Laree Draper last night. I think my next book (maybe “next next”) is finished. I have 90,000 plus words and now I am going through and looking for the various issues and problems. Laree made a good point: she noted that I tend to like to finish something than walk away and move on.

I had a critic of Intervention note that the book wasn’t “hard core” enough. Well, I thought, I have “been there, done that” in the athletic world and it is all great and good and true, but there comes a point where you don’t need to pass out squatting any more.

Oh, I understand it: it’s fun to do all this macho posturing and question manhood stuff. Online, you can bully people in forums and make bold statements, but, in life, there comes a time to pay up. So, yes, I can write all day about high rep squats (which I am currently doing again), but I also like to talk about reasonable training methods. I found this GREAT Louis C. K. tribute to George Carlin on one of my favorite sites and he discusses, it’s NSFW so be careful, the challenge that Carlin offered comedians: constantly renew.

The clip is NOT for everyone, but the finish is touching and the point made is worth considering. Once you finish something, it’s time to start fresh.

If you always just want to squat, clean and bench, that is fine. You can do wonderful things with this, but what if we found a better path? Or, maybe there comes a day where you pay the price for the wear and tear. I like to be proactive and work on solutions before the problem sometimes.

I have always enjoyed Carlin’s work. The rest of the tribute, in my opinion, wasn’t very good, but Louis seems to “get it.” It might be that he and Carlin had similar roots, but I think it is worth listening to…if you can handle some swearing. Sorry about the swearing, if you are offended.

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