Intervention, the book

Course Corrections for the Athlete and Trainer

You have two choices:

For most of us, it’s option two.

Five Principles

Here are the answers, but the questions are the real keys–

  1. Strength training for lean body mass and joint mobility work trump everything else.
  2. Fundamental human movements are… fundamental.
  3. Standards and gaps must be constantly assessed.
  4. The notion of ‘park bench’ and ‘bus bench’ workouts must be applied throughout the training lifetime.
  5. Constantly strive for mastery and grace.

I’ve always said the greatest compliment to a coach is to say he gets it. Dan John really gets it…and knows how to put it on paper. Read and enjoy. ~Michael Boyle

I love Dan John’s back-to-basics yet progressive approach, his coupling of the physical and spiritual dimensions of training, his attention to detail and his ability to help push us to find our inner limits. ~ Todd Durkin

6×9, paperback, 270 pages, indexed
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