The New DVD: Now What?

The hardest part of coaching…and really life in general…is “Now What?” Maybe a lot of you are like me when I got my college degree.

My Dad believed that that diploma was the yellow brick road to success. He was right, you know, my degrees have got me through a lot of doors and enhanced my life. But, the day I held it, with my laundry bag and suitcase that represented my entire life’s possessions, I stared off and wondered…Now What?

It took me a long time to get my arms around this concept. We make a goal, finish a challenge, or finish that last day of a 90 Day Program and wonder what to do next. My new DVD, Now What?, attempts to walk the coach, athlete and everybody else through the process of discerning what to do next.

I am in the process of expanding this into a book. The following is a very popular part of the workshop, “Shark Habits:”

I use Shark Habits in much of my professional and personal life. When I open an email, I answer it. Always. If I don’t have time to deal with emails, I don’t open the account. I believe in only touching postal mail once. I go through the mail and discard the junk in the garbage can (sadly, most of the mail is junk today). If it requires attention, I deal with it immediately.

If the bride wants to know if we are coming to the reception, I let her know…now! If it is a bill, pay it. If a telephone call needs to be made, make the call, that’s all.

I fail on this sometimes. Oddly, when I do forget to do something, like redo my annual business application, I lose the form and it costs me hours of backtracking, waiting on hold, and dealing with unhelpful people at the state office.

During my hour on hold, I recommitted to Shark Habits.

I am convinced that many of our festive traditions are rooted in Shark Habits. Years ago, my family found ourselves with nothing to do on Thanksgiving Friday. It’s a four-day weekend with schoolchildren and Thursday is the big day. We had two bored little girls in the house and we decided to set up for Christmas.

Since then, Thanksgiving Friday has been the sacred day when all of the Holiday Cheer is layered into our home. The whole house is transformed into the Spirit of Christmas. We have also added a new tradition when we finish: Wine and Prime.

We crack open a bottle (or two) of wine and go online and shop for Christmas. We utilize free shipping that day and take care of everyone on our shopping list. In full candor and apology, if you were down the list a bit, I might not be sure why we bought you “that” for Christmas that one year.

Shark Habits are the ultimate in “Do This.” Basically, for anything that can be done swiftly, DO IT NOW. One bite.

Shark Habits, Pirate Maps, Programming and Principles are the bulk of the talk, but I also go into how to apply and assess each of these in the life and athletics. I use simple definitions of health, longevity, fitness and performance to link the basics of Now What? together.

This is a three hour DVD and the On Target site adds the following:

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