Literally, at your feet, is a fat loss machine. It is called the “ground” and the vast majority of trainees never use it. Oddly, simply getting up and down off the ground can ramp up your metabolism and make it more likely for you to make the tackle in a football game or survive a zombie onslaught.


Few people use it. In football, I enjoyed a fun fat loss protocol called: “Grass Drills.” The coach would blow the whistle and we would have to run in place knees high. The whistle would blow again and we would leap to the ground, scramble back up and do it again and again. This was in full pads in the summer and the sweat would just drain out of our bodies.


You don’t have to join the NFL to take advantage of this great resource, also known as the Earth. For fat loss clients and people who want a little edge in their training, we combine ground based exercises with everything we do.


As part of a traditional workout, that period of training where we want to sweat, breath hard and get tired, simply adding Push Ups to any combination works wonders.


Kettlebell Swings x 15

Goblet Squats x 5

Push Ups x 5


Repeat that five times for a total of 75 swings, 25 squats, and 25 push ups. But, the workload also includes popping up and down off the ground.


For a more traditional workout, add Bird Dogs or Turkish Get Ups or simple rolling between sets of classic lifts. If you choose to foam roll, do that as your rest period between exercises. We use Heart Rate Monitors for many clients and it is amazing to see how the HR jumps doing something like a Bird Dog. It could be the instability, it could be the nervous system trying to keep up, or it simply could be hopping up and down off the floor.


The Pelvic Tilt or Hip Thrust, as well as the whole family of planks, can be inserted into any rest period. Especially for the fat loss person, keeping the HR up and attacking other muscle groups ramps up the metabolism without additional pounding on the knees, ankles or back like jogging and some other traditional cardiovascular choices.


It’s free. It’s convenient. It’s right at your feet. Get on the ground and raise your training heart rate.

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