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Standing Long Jump: My Favorite Test

For my performance clients, both the collision sport and occupation people and the non-collision clients, two tests stand out to measure how we are progressing. They are the Standing Long Jump and the Farmer Walk test.   For the FW, put bodyweight (as close as you can do it) on a Trap Bar and carry….  

Advice from Arnold

In Arnold’s book, The Education of a Bodybuilder, we learned a technique that few of us continue to use: training outside. Arnold and his pal would grab a barbell, find a place in nature, pick an exercise, then just go for it. After working to exhaustion, they would enjoy wine, food and the ladies.  ….  

My Tool Kit!

The Strength and Conditioning Coach has basically Five Tools: Nutrition and caloric restriction Inefficient exercise Strength training Hypertrophy and mobility training (the “Fountain of Youth”) Mental set   These are not in any special order, but one tool might be important during the off-season while another might be crucial in the pre-season. And, the sport….  

Oddly, I am a Pear Tree

I love metaphors but sometimes I lose my audience using them. Metaphors are the wonderful bridge between what is already known and what is needed to know.   I once bought a tree. This tree taught me the key lesson in successful coaching. When you buy a tree you have almost a decade to discover….  

IWT: an underappreciated training method

(We had some kind of issue this week; Here is a piece on sprinting and bodyweight work. ) Like many of you, I have moved a few times in my life. Dragging training equipment over a few state lines is very expensive and, frankly, a royal pain. Through the years, I have bought and rebought….  

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