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A Lifelong Approach to Fitness Audio Book

Generally, my favorite kinds of workshops are the full day events where I can go through Intervention, Can You Go? and Now What?. But, I am also asked to do other talks…sometimes as short as fifteen minutes. Through the years, these workshops start to pile up. The material is still good; the points are still valid…..  

The New DVD: Now What?

The hardest part of coaching…and really life in general…is “Now What?” Maybe a lot of you are like me when I got my college degree. My Dad believed that that diploma was the yellow brick road to success. He was right, you know, my degrees have got me through a lot of doors and enhanced….  

Lacie’s Olympic Lifting Complexes

Every so often, the O lifting bug returns to our gym. I still believe that the O lifts (Snatch, Clean and Jerk) supplemented with some Loaded Carries like Farmer Walks is all an athlete will ever need. So, Lacie Helfert and a few others have been learning the O lifts. I use Dave Turner’s templates,….  


In the past three months, I have had to chance to speak with the military, college teams and high school coaches. Since I write and publish a lot, the leadership in these groups often adopt some of my ideas like Quadrants, “Can You Go,” the 1-2-3-4 assessment and the movement structure of Intervention.   There….  

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