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Slade asked me about Financial Planning

I’m not a professional personal finance guy, but the same toolkit we have in the gym and field really carries over into our issues with (and without) money. Don’t take any of this as anything but some suggestions to a friend. These are all things that worked well for me. Oddly, the principles make a….  

Guest Post from Lee Boyce

Random Thoughts from Lee Boyce   To say that adding strength and muscle is a simple process is worthy of a backhand upside the head. Anyone who’s spent any time in the gym knows that sometimes it seems easier to achieve any other goal. With that said, if you’re an intermediate who may be reaching….  

Mission Statements

It’s Not the Specifics, It’s the Career In Tommy Kono’s remarkable second book, “Championship Weightlifting: Beyond Muscle Power,” it is hard to find a page that some great training gem doesn’t leap off the page to interested athlete. Tommy’s career is unparalleled. As an Olympic lifter, his gold medals at the Olympics and World Championships,….  

Somebody Asked Me About Time Management

I have this odd belief that we have very little actual free will or self-discipline. Oh, we certainly have some, but once you hit a certain age, life conspires against you. It seems that a lot of things begin to pile up on you after a certain age. Maybe in high school, you and your….  

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