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I was thinking about when I taught ESL

In the early 1990s, while trying to train at an elite level and teach full-time, our family found ourselves in a financial crisis. To ease things, I took on a night job teaching English as a Second Language. Three nights a week, I would drive off after dinner and come home well after my kid’s….  

A Great Swing Corrective Clip from Delaine Ross

I’ve been a big fan of Delaine and her work for a long time. Getting people to stop squatting their swings is a big issue. You can tell people over and over that the swing is maximum hip bend with minimum knee bend while the squat is max hip bend and max knee bend. Delaine….  

Writing, a Gift from the Heavens?

Every so often, someone will ask me about writing. Some think it’s a gift from the heavens. These people believe some of us are born writers like some of us are born to be seven feet tall. For me, the process of writing is exactly like preparing for a contest or trying to achieve any….  

Before We Go

Compilations always make for a difficult introduction. Whereas Doctor Watson could always talk with Sherlock Holmes about the recent weather or cases too sensitive to discuss, the introduction here needs to remind the reader that the material contained within this book comes from blog posts and articles from all over the internet. For someone who….  

The collected JDCHS Workouts

Please don’t ask for explanations of the exercise names, they are common exercises that we added goofy titles just to keep moving along. I’m doing several workshops this year for HS Strength Coaches and this is a resources. Warm up • Waiter Walks/Suitcase Walks/Heartbeat Walk • Light Goblet Squats / Hip Flexor Stretch “Make Space”….  

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