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Lots of interviews lately!

I posted most of these, and new articles, over on Facebook, but, if you missed them, here. Enjoy! This one also as a transcirpt.

Burr Ridge Workout and Youtube site

My Youtube PageDuring the workshop, people told me they couldn’t find my Youtube Page. Here you go. And…our afternoon session: Naked Workout Ground Based Warm Up 6 Point Rock Inchworms 6 Point Neck Nods Inchworms Wrist Vents Inchworms 6 Point Zenith Inchworms Pump Inchworms Hip Thrusts Heart Pumper One Stop and Pop Proper Push Up….  

Go Forth

There is something I find interesting about working in the fitness industry: everyone at every party I go to is an expert in fitness and health. It is the exact same thing as when I teach World Religions: most people enter the classroom assuming that because they attend church on a regular basis, celebrate certain….  

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