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The Right Tool for the Need

Just moments after the stacks of my new book, “Can You Go?,” arrived at my house, I was already adding a new chapter. Once again, it is Mike Warren Brown’s fault.   He made a great point: “Bodyweight exercises reward the fat loss client (body composition client).” As you lose weight, dips and chin ups….  

Can You Go?

Training people in sport as a coach or in fitness as a personal trainer is certainly rewarding work. But there’s a problem: What do we do next? There are countless books on diet and exercise, hundreds of machines, devices and gimmicks to train people, and new gadgets and gizmos are popping up with every passing….  

SFG Level II Workout Notes

Introduction to the Movements Ground Based 6 Point Rock 6 Point Neck Nods Wrist Vents 6 Point Zenith Pump Hip Thrusts Inchworm Transitions: Rolling 45s Inchworms Get Back Ups T Spine Rolling 45s CrossCrawls Push Up Family T Push Up Hand on Ball Push Ups Proper Push Up Transitions: Half Kneeling Press (LKD/RKD) LKD/RKD Family….  

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