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An update and some odds and ends

I have been really focusing on three things: Editing the last bits and pieces of “Can You Go?,” my book on assessing Active Athletes and Everybody Else. Next, I am putting all the material for my new workshop, The Art of Coaching, together and, frankly, I am amazed that “I know this stuff.” When one….  

New Interview Up!

Time was a bit of an issue with this interview. I had some pro athletes milling around the house between sessions, but it worked well. Enjoy. Find it here.

The Tonic/Mobility Workout

I have been really busy editing my next book and dealing with a bunch of other stuff, but I just wanted to share this workout that I/we have been doing a few days a week. When it works, I do three Hypertrophy, Basic Strength and Loaded Carries workouts each week. One to three days a….  

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