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Interviews, Awards and Writing

If I don’t put all of this down now, I will lose something. First, JMaxFitness has me at “Number One” on the list of Fitness Pros to listen to in 2015. So, that’s pressure. See the list here. Also, my good friends at Kettle Bell Fever just posted a new interview we did…a few days….  

Falling & Aging

It’s one of the strongest statements I have made in my career. I feel like no one is listening, but…please…do some work on getting to the ground and getting back up. Practice falling before you need to! And then… More here.

Alignment: It’s a Common Theme

I think we have a movement “dance” with the squat family, the hinge family and the loaded carries. Each of them, done correctly, demand a tall finished position. You can take ballet…or walk with a book on your head…or train correctly in the weightroom. More here.

Working in Tall-Kneeling

Don’t let this simple drill fool you: this is an exercise and a corrective. Also, remember that the Kneeling Plank is how we finish both squats and hinges…in an ideal world, of course. More here.

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