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Fat Loss Happens on Monday, book with Josh Hillis

A few years ago, I wrote a blog about my good friend, Josh Hillis, and his program “System Six.” I had been asked to teach an “All Girls” weightlifting class and I was a little unready. I got calls from moms worried that I would make their daughters “all muscley.” Oh, yes, that happens all….  

Look What I Found!

From Sometimes you miss the most interesting training-related articles of the week. Let’s fix that. Sometimes the ideas in the most talked-about articles are confusing. You’re not sure what to think. We’ll get you some guidance. Sometimes Dan John just makes you laugh. We’ve gotcha covered for that, too. Each Wednesday Dan gives us a short….  

Guest Blog from Darren Pratt on Periodization

Darren wrote up this nice review on training, honestly, “for the rest of us.” He references a point made in an earlier blog, that you can find here. The issue of Standards shows up a bit here and you can always find mine in the oddly named post “Sleepless in Seattle.” Speaking of standards, a….  

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