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Being on the Right Side of History

Frankly, I’m not sure where this headed, but my mind has been whirling around a concept that I call “being on the right side of history.” As I prep up today to head to San Jose, California this weekend for a workshop, I was thinking about the last time I spoke there. It was the….  

Notes for University of Michigan

University of Michigan Strength Clinic Training the High School Athlete in LARGE Groups Principle One: You MUST do the Fundamental Human Movements…ideally daily! Push Pull Hinge Squat Loaded Carry The Sixth Movement (Groundwork basically) Audits, Gaps and Standards Principle Two: You MUST train the group as a group. Everyone has to move at once! The….  


The following is from my DVD with Chip Conrad (if you decide to order the DVD or digital file, use the coupon code ‘Arcata’ for a 25% discount). I like it a lot as it sums up something that I really believe in: the dialogue between coach and athlete rewards not just the two of….  

The Get Up…Insights from Belfast

As I was reviewing my GREAT trip to Belfast…and thank you to all for your hospitality…I noticed that some people are going to start questioning some of the pics. Basically, what the HELL are these guys doing? There is a WHOLE room of people standing on other people’s feet. Mariusz takes this to a new….  

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