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Reading List for My Interns

We’ve had quite a mix in the gym lately. With another RKC behind us, we just got a whole new group of young and talented interns that want to follow “the path” to “Life, the Universe and Everything.” Or, for those less able, my interns want to know how to get clients and athletes from….  

A New Blog Post with NPE and a New MH article

I just saw this article at MH. The comments are funny, honestly, do they want me to come to their house? Google it! Here is the actual link with exciting pics of me training, coaching and enjoying the Piper Down. They edited out “Indiana.” It sorta kills the joke. Ice Cream, Eye Wash and Mexican….  

Trust me. It’s been done before and better

I often get frustrated with what I see in fitness the past few years. Ideas and concepts we threw out years ago for being ineffective, injurious, or just old school idiotic find themselves thrust into our face again and again online and in the fitness mags. Remember Pat Matzdorf? Well, you should. He discovered some….  

A New Article at MH and a Research Piece worth a read.

First, readers of this blog would recognize a lot of this new article. Here on the blog, I discussed these tests in detail earlier. I am doing a series with MH and I am really enjoying it. I get tired of those “Seven Ways to Blast Ab Fat” and all the rest and I am….  

“Back” from Stanford

You may have missed this great joke in the title: I was at Stanford University where Doctor Stu McGill and Gray Cook spent the day discussing the FMS and various back issues. Now, I’m “back.” Get it? My decision to go to Gray Cook and Stu McGill’s discussion of the FMS was not exactly last….  

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