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Reasonableness as a Standard

In Junior College, I majored in Paralegal Research at Skyline College. My days were filled with the great canon of Western Civilization and long classes on business and criminal law. The two fields intertwined nearly every day. As we were discussing the ideals of Classic Greeks, I will grab my bag, walk down the hall….  

The Forty Day Workout…Again

A good question came up on the StrongFirst forum about the inclusion of something into the “40 Day Program.” It occurred to me as I was answering this question that we are at the ten-year anniversary of when I first discovered this program. Charles Staley was hosting his annual Boot Camp. Now, the name means….  

Two Online MH articles

Both of this short article have close “take-away” messages. Basically, say you are going to do something then follow through. Here you go: This one is pretty obvious, but few will do it. A very simple challenge for you…due in about 370 days or so.

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