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Minimalist Stretching and Mobility

Frankly, I don’t always understand the fitness industry. We tend to sway back and forth with things: You MUST stretch 24 hours a day. Stretching destroys you…you will die. Mobility and Stability are the only things… Mobility and Stability are over rated. Now, nutritionists make it worse with the wine is good/bad, coffee is good/bad….  

Two Great New Products

First, from my good friend (and Denison U guy), Mark Watts: ALL revenue (every cent) from these manuals will be donated to Make A Wish, OH, IN and KY and will only be available to purchase until Dec 31, 2013. After that you will not be able to purchase until this time next year. Here….  

On Drinking and Phenomenology

In 2004, I wrote a book for my daughter, Kelly when she graduated from the Eighth Grade. Since my folks had died relatively young, I wanted to make sure that those odd tidbits of wisdom that float across your life would be stored somewhere. So, I gave her, “From Dad to Grad.” You can find….  

Guest Blog Post: Marc Halpern gives us Dietary Insights on MMS

Marc is not only a good friend, but one of the best minds in nutrition. What I love about him is that he is so easy to understand and he sets me up to succeed. Mass Made Simple ignores dietary issues besides eating everything in sight. I get asked questions daily about Paleo MMS, Vegan….  

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