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Joseph Lightfoot’s Review of the Coyote Point KB Club and More Intervention Tools

First, my good friend, Joe Lightfoot, blogged about his time in California. Be sure to read his extra selection on the bottom which explores his whole visit here to the United States. Read it here. Chapters 10 and 11 One of my heroes, Tommy Kono, has two great books and assorted items here. I have….  

Our Little Intervention Helper for Chapters 7-9

I’ve enjoyed this for two reasons, I think. First, I look at the book again. It’s something I don’t often do. Second, it allows me to look at the material with “new eyes,” I am looking for what others might simply miss. The Red, Yellow and Green Light material, a standard way of explaining things….  

Intervention “Happy Helper” Chapters Three through Six

I’ve enjoyed doing this, to be honest. I tend to assume the reader has the confidence to read what I write, think about it, apply it, tweak it a bit, and then return to me a new and more beautiful way of approaching fitness and health. These little blog posts are simply made to help….  

Helpful Links and Information for Chapters One and Two of Intervention

I have really enjoyed the emails and positive reviews about my new book, Intervention. This book was a long journey into the night, but it is really how I approach things. I had this idea to provide some “answers” to the basic questions that come up…and just some fun resources that might help you on….  

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