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Enjoy some insights from Chapters 8 and 9 from Intervention

Intervention, Course Corrections for the Athlete & Trainer Available in print, ebook and audio book. Excerpts from Chapters 8 & 9 I was recently asked what I thought my greatest contribution to the philosophy of strength and conditioning would be. I think I could offer the Goblet Squat, the Bulgarian GoatBag Swing, the introduction of….  

An Event in Chicago…open to the public

As most know, the bulk of my events are closed to the public. My friend, Paul, is hosting this and this is going to be fun. I will have new material based on Intervention. The handouts will be available here, but the “logic” has to be walked through. Sign up HERE and sign up soon.

Sneak Peak at “Intervention” Chapter 21…one of my favorites

Chapter 21 The Secrets of the Toolkit Excerpted from Intervention: Course Corrections for the Athlete and Trainer Available in print, ebook and audio book. Click above to buy! Listen along! As I have given the basics of Intervention to my fellow coaches, a few reoccurring themes have emerged as they take back the key points….  

The Audio Version of “Intervention”

Well, in total candor, reading my book into a recorder was as hard as anything I have done in my career. Besides the usual hatred of the sound of one’s voice, it seemed the universe conspired against me with every take. My favorite, and Laree heard it, too, was repeating the same frustrating paragraph three….  

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