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Sometimes when I sit at a workshop or seminar, a side discussion pops open. It’s interesting because the conversations seem to spring from some natural spring and refresh all of us. So, we were sitting around Sean Greeley’s NPE MegaTraining and somebody began discussing something quite simple. Of course, within about twenty minutes, we progressed….  

I wrote this years ago and it is in the Q and A Section

The following is a nice little piece I wrote a few years ago. It definitely is the “shell” of the Intervention program. Now that the book is off to typesetting and printing, it is fun for me to look back at this and see my personal evolution. There is nothing “wrong” with what I wrote….  

Packing Lists and SUDS

I have been having an interesting give and take email discussion with William K. Dearing. He told me that he has been following my writing since the old “Strong as Steel” blog I wrote and material from the Old School Strength Forum. That was a great site before it was ruined by a group of….  

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