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Coaching 102

The question of “System” has been rattling around my brain lately. As I note in my workshops, “I (Dan John) am the problem.” So much of my coaching is based on a System that when you hear only one part of it or another, some run down the mental path that I don’t think “fill….  

Coaching 101

Some of the questions surrounding coaching and training really surprise me. For me, it is all about how you model, literally how you see the big picture of training. People think I am joking when they ask me about how I train track athletes: Throwers throw. Jumpers jump. Sprinters sprint. Runners run. Hurdlers hurdle. I….  

Nervous Energy and Peaking

Not long ago, after a workshop I gave, I received this email: “According to an old graphic that belonged to Charlie Francis, here are some breakdowns when it comes to nervous system involvement on exercises: Explosive Work – 90% Lower Body Work – 70% to 40% Upper Body Work – 40% to 25% Isolation Work….  

It’s How We Remember

In just a few minutes, literally, my house will be filled with people. If you weren’t invited, don’t be angry, we are doing our first Practice Thanksgiving in Utah since we returned. Our house can fit five comfortably and we have twenty plus people invited tonight. “God Bless Us All” as my mom would say…..  

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