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Two Anniversaries

This week is an odd set of anniversaries for me. Two years ago, I had the worst performance of my life at the Masters Nationals Track and Field meet. I had trained very well for it, save a necrotic hip. The mistakes I made that week are legendary stuff. It’s funny, I am writing the….  

Coach Stevo on the Big 21 (pt. 2)

The follow up to Stevo’s insightful post on the fun and joy of the Big 21. Enjoy reading it. In fact, enjoy doing it sometime. Stevo is learning great lessons…the same ones I will be talking about in the next few weeks. The Experience For the month of June, I wanted to give the Big….  

Coach Stevo on the Big 21 (pt. 1)

I met Coach Stevo merely a year ago at Mike Boyle’s place when Mike asked me to come out and give a talk. Stevo introduced himself and we began a great friendship. Stevo became a regular with the Coyote Point Kettlebell Club and now continues the tradition in my absence. Stevo joined us at Discus….  

I Never(!!!) Read My Own Work, but…

So, my former student, Doc Brunetti and I bump into each other just after my blood test. Next Wednesday, I get my physical and he had a few minutes. Well, he is proud of his “old coach” and asked for copies of all my books. I figure to myself: “Well, he is going to putting….  

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