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In a couple of hours, I will be speaking at the evening session of NPE. I am adding and expanding my normal workshop, but I found an interesting point that I want to share tonight. On my trip to County Sligo, I was exposed to the work of J. Stanton, “The Gnolls Credo.” “Gnolls’ are….  

Problems, Mysteries, Shakespeare, Fitness, Tongues and More

I am always amazed to watch, perhaps almost like an observer from across the room, how my workshops morph into both bigger principles and more subtle insights. I know this sounds like I am patting my own back, but it is something I have watched over and over. That’s why you might often see me….  

Training for Middle Age and Beyond

About two years ago, I was asked to comment on growing old gracefully. Or powerfully. I reread this and added a point or two and I still think it passes the test of time. I added a few points, but it is still worth the discussion. A couple of quick suggestions: first, the role of….  

Quadrant III and the Baby

The problem with the Quadrants System, besides its brilliance, is the interesting fact that nearly everyone thinks they elite, collision living QIIs. How do I know this? I am dumb enough to read my emails! We have guys who want to learn the Olympic lifts that do them once every two weeks and the other….  

My 1996 Discus Clinic Notes

Wow, memory lane! I found these and what makes me happy is this workshop, the California State Track and Field Workshop (you can see it in some of the sheets) was NOT well received by the audience. Now, I got “letters” later that were very impressed, but the coaches thought I was full of it…..  

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