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Manage Your Options!

The problem with the Strength, Conditioning and Fitness community today is that we have all fallen in love with the videos of NFL guys or SEALs or UFC fighters do this and that and this prepping for something. Yeah. Me, too. I want to be that guy. I’m going to buy some tribal tats and….  

Mass Made Simple…Lite

For those of you who want a “lite” version of “Mass Made Simple,” I put together a few ideas from here and there for you. It’s a simple approach, but it has merit. The “Ten Secrets to Building Mass:” First, although there are truly no real “secrets,” here is the overriding principle: Mass building, like….  

As I have working on Emails from the book, “Easy Strength…”

I thought I would share some of the ‘streams of thought.’ Honestly, before you ask a question, it might be appropriate to read the book. What frustrates me the most with questions is: One, clearly, the person didn’t read the book. Two, clearly, the person doesn’t know about this blog and how to navigate on….  

Loaded Cuddles

For the past year or so, I have been taking time each week to “give back” a little in every area of my life. One of things I have been doing is offering a free two hour gathering each week that we call the “Coyote Point Kettlebell Club.” Our members include a firefighter, several Personal….  

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