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“But, this is how I know you didn’t do it…”

Sometimes, I answer too many questions. My wife, as many of you know, was/is a Hemingway…yes THOSE Hemingways…and I need to practice talking like Uncle Earnie: You see, it comes to this sometimes: people ask me questions because their mouths can formulate noises and these noises can heard by my ears to make my brain….  

A Couple of New Year Ideas for You!

Well, as 2012 opens its eyes, many of us are in the midst of personal resolutions and body revolutions. In my life, 2011 was one of the best years of my life with amazing changes in key areas of my life and a total left hip replacement. The hip surgery was life illuminating for me:….  

Since I am flying Coast to Coast…again…Point A to Point B Makes Sense!

It turns out that I was the problem. Yes, this is true: I had great ideas, excellent programming and some nice technical tidbits that worked for everyone. For the squat, I had progressions that I humbly think changed the world of lifting forever. Well, at least, I thought they were working. What I discovered was….  

Coast to Coast and Toasted

I travel a lot. A lot. It’s hard to face the blog writing when you travel coast to coast, fall asleep and wake up in the middle of the night wide awake! But, thankfully, I don’t always have to do much! I have three links today that do all the work for me. First, a….  

Teaching…or learning…the Kettlebell Snatch

Little Note from Danny: I know I have been doing a lot of writing about kettlebells lately, but I tend to write when I have new insights about things. This doesn’t make me think that “barbells are bad!” or whatever. So, enjoy the insights. If you hate KBs, fine…but there is always keys in these….  

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