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There are some things more important…

This weekend, at Net Profit Explosion, I found out that Sean Greeley had “required” everyone to read my free book on my site ( “From Dad to Grad.” I wrote it for my daughter Kelly’s Eighth Grade Graduation. For Lindsay, I hand wrote a huge journal-like book that answered and addressed dozens of questions. Between….  

Lots of Interesting Links…

This isn’t really a blog post, but a lot of my reading may miss these: A mention in the Superman Blog The whole workout Some Good Cardio Boosters Enjoy.

Explosive Overhead Work with Kettlebells

There are two sides to every discussion in Religious Studies. One is “mythos,” or the “why” of things and the other is “Logos,” or the how of things. With the Kettlebell Jerk, I think it is well worth a few minutes of why, before we move to “how.” If I could give one piece of….  

Interviews at Begin to Dig!!!

I’m in Ireland, loving every second of it!!! mc of begin to dig, has had some some great interviews and material from me: She has a great interview of my new DVD: My DVD and Book to be on “Intervention” mc and I also did a fun discussion discussing strength…and strength for women here: enjoy!…..  

Training Females…the Forgotten 51%!

I got a nice resource from a “fan,” James Marshall, who told me I could distribute his PDF. I like it a lot, look it over and let me know what you think: The big house This also reminded me that Lindsay sent me a video of her new PR throw in training…if it opens….  

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