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I will Let Tim do my Job!!!

What a week! I’m proud of the articles this week, here you go: First, my good and dear friend, Tim Anderson, wrote this in his “popular” blog. He swears only me and his mom read it…let’s change that! A nice sum of my work. Now, I’m on a roll at t-nation with the pain of….  

My Fat Loss Clients and “Everything Works”

I’m convinced that everything works. And, if you read my work, I think everything works for about six weeks. So, I really embrace and love things that get me outside of this marvelous six week zone. I am currently helping several fat loss clients over the internet and a stumbling block in our conversations has….  

My Orlando Workshop is Coming Up!

First, I really like Sean. He has a great idea that I “missed” somehow in life. He has a list of the Ten Best Meals. It is his effort to focus on the great meals of his life. I don’t want to say too much about his list, but the idea transformed me. Think about….  

Navigating a “Blog”

So, I give a series of workshops and people want more information on “this and that.” So, I tell them to go to my Blog. Some seem to manage finding everything by scrolling down the page and then going to earlier entries. Others, well… It’s become something that I really think about. Many people have….  

Lifetime Warrior Workout

I had a nice compliment paid to me by a family member this weekend. I was training in the hotel gym and my sister-in-law’s boyfriend noticed me doing Pull Ups. He later told her, then the whole family, how impressive it was to watch me to Pull Ups. I didn’t have the heart to tell….  

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