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The Warrior Spirit and The Divine Spark

As many of you know from my recent Facebook post, I lost several friends in the recent copter accident in the Middle East. I have been working as an SME (Subject Matter Expert) for at least eight years with certain military groups and, sadly, one particular group was hit hard this past weekend. A few….  

Recovery and a Good Question

First, I am about ten days into my recovery from total hip replacement. I should have done this probably three years ago and I can’t get back all those missed Highland Games and Track Meets. But, I learned a lot! I think I have a handle on Yoga…at least the Bikram model, Martha Peterson’s work….  

Nice Review of “Intervention.”

As the reviews come in, I am more convinced that we did this right. My, old friend, Troy, sent this one in: Today I have a quick review of outstanding strength and conditioning Dan John’s latest dvd projected titled: Intervention Here are some of the major points that really stood out to me: 1. The….  

Delightful Conversation with Dick Notmeyer

I love the man. He took me from a 162 pound high school grad to 202 pounds of thrower in four months. He insisted on the basics and nothing fancy. So, we keep in touch. Laree Draper, all around hero and good person, sent him my new DVD, “Intervention.” I’m not sure Dick will watch….  

Getting Ready to Go Again

June was a “month!” We had guests, I went to Ohio for discus camp, and I had more fun than legal in most states. In the last few months of this blog, I have been sharing a lot of my insights about my method I call “Intervention.” Again, it might not make sense with a….  

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