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Happy New Year Book Review and Video Blog

Oddest year of my life. Seriously. Started in Ireland, moved to California and a million things in between. On the upside, what a year! My hip feels better by the day and I have to bless all of you who helped. Thank you!

SkyClub. From Christmas to New Years.

I’m reading Art DeVany’s new book that expounds his Evolutionary Fitness concepts. His work has always been inspiring and interesting to me. With Tim Ferriss’s book (Four Hour Body) coming out at the same time, it is interesting to compare and contrast the two, but I won’t yet. I think that Art’s book has a….  

What is Elite?

A few months ago, I was standing next to a kid about a hundred pounds lighter than me. He was skinny with hair covering his eyes and a glazy look about his eyes that seemed to indicate that he knew herbs beyond stevia and yohimbe. What caught my attention was his t-shirt: “Select” with the….  

Yes, I am behind on my Blog

Some people have asked for some specific things. For example, my “Bird Dog” Series and how I use the TRX to do traction on my hip. So, I went down to visit Laree and Dave Draper to take photos for my new “Mass Made Simple” book and we took the photos. As soon as we….  

Dan’s Post Thanksgiving Turkey…yes, he is cooking another one.

Great long trip to Phillie, Utah and finally home. Congrats and Thank You to the University of Washington football program for hosting Tiffini and me at the Cal game (especially you, Grey!) and a shout out to Tapio and Lindsay for letting me crash track practice and make a nuisance of myself. Also, Nick and….  

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