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Workshop in Sunnyvale

I have to tell you that if you missed these two days, you missed a lot. A lot of quality instruction, a lot of quality people. Yes, of course, I was brilliant, but there was a vast amount of quality information and hands on work for everyone. I noted a couple of things. I know….  

Yeah, I’m that guy…

At this moment, I am sitting in the Delta Crowne Room sipping a Maker’s Mark and working on my next book(s). Today, we had the annual St. Patrick’s Parade and Tiff always jokes that I am running for mayor here. I have former students who ask about things that happened thirty years ago, current students….  

An odd thing

My Godchild, Amanda Long Clark, teaches with me at JDCHS. It’s nice and I visit to bug her class whenever I can. Today, I looked the presidents and noted something: there have been 44 presidents. I have lived through 11 of them. I’m 1/4 of this “thing.” I notice 52 sometimes. Today, we had an….  

Pain Leads to Pain Free

I’m not sure what was the hardest part of this last week, let’s review: Started this all with RKC II in San Jose and the physical and emotional issues that I noted in my last (now famous!) post. I had some issues at home with my daughters, nothing bad at all and the fathers of….  

A Bit of Honesty

Without a doubt, my experience this weekend was humbling. As I digest what I learned, I have had a chance to look deep in the mirror. My performance on Saturday, especially, just makes me wonder. I have journal entries that state “Who is this guy?” after bad workouts or poor competitive performances. I try to….  

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