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Robert Gummerson on Bulking

An old friend, and inventor of the “Gummerson Drill,” Robert Gummerson sent this nice email to me after he read my article on tmuscle. This is the best part of the net, the sharing of real information by real people. The real great ones share a lot and don’t put themselves on “airs.” Hi Dan,….  

Robb Wolf Breaks My Heart!

I love Robb. He has been my mentor in nutrition since we first shared emails in 1999 or so. Robb has had me play with ideas like only single foods at meals (stuff yourself on turkey or steak and it’s good for you!) and, of course, he was the guy to make me start taking,….  

Amazon Kindle

Tiffini got me a Kindle for Christmas. She let me open it up and load it for our trip next week to Ireland. Oh, yes, before I forget: if you are in the area, let’s get together. I will do what I can to let people know my days and stuff. Back to the Kindle…..  

Well, what do YOU think?

Laree Draper, certainly on the list for “nicest person of all-time,” and I have been talking about doing another book. I have these concepts that I want to spend some time with in a book format, some interesting training ideas that deserve another look and some basic training ideas that are so simple but so….  


Yeah, well, yes…I made up the word. The point is that sometimes in life and training, things just seem to come together and it starts to make sense. In the last few days, I had: The Utah State University strength coach come down and visit and share stuff.

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