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Lacking Weights

Sometimes lacking something leads to new insights. I began lifting weights in 1965 and I have had the best facilities one can imagine. I have also trained in rougher situations.   World class gyms that cater to sports performance often get pushed out of business by the box gyms. Like Thom Plummer says, “If all….  

Assessing and Testing (and some training ideas)

Part of my career is assessing other programs in schools and gyms. I use a pretty simple system when looking at weekly and monthly training. First, I simply just circle and note the number of times each of the Fundamental Human Movements appears in the training. My list is this:   Push Pull Hinge Squat….  

Crazy about Cardio

There are phrases from fitness that leap into the public discussion that drive me crazy. Functional, hydration, core and cardio are the four I hate the most. “Are you hydrating?” No, mom, but I am drinking water!   Cardio training is the one I squirm the most when I hear it. The Cardiovascular system is,….  

Lessons from the Greats

I recently visited the Stark Museum in Austin, Texas. If you love fitness and strength, this would be our shrine. Jan and Terry Todd had the tools used by the greats of our past, archival photos and practically every book, magazine and scrap of paper ever written on the subject.   After visiting the museum,….  

Minimalism in the Gym

Minimalism is one of the fastest growing concepts in fitness. Although the concept has been around a long time, Tim Ferris made it a buzzword with his book “The Four Hour Body.” Like poison, good training is all in the dose. A little poison might actually cure you for one thing, but a little too….  

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